Decking Fasteners

Deck screws

Allen’s Woodworks supplies a range of Stainless Steel screws which includes our specialized 304 Stainless Steel range.

Available Sizes

  • 5 x 50mm | 60mm | 75mm
  • 5 x 50mm - small head, type 17 point


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Un-threaded shank helps pull decking plank down tightly onto the joist, without the thread having to "strip" in the decking plank, as is the case with full thread screws.
  • Optimised head diameter improves aesthetic appeal without compromising secure fastening ability.
  • The thread is cut for wood, not chipboard, therefore, providing the best grip onto the joist.
  • Under test conditions, these screws were driven to breaking point into a solid piece of Balua, using a Gedore Powerbar as a lever. This required a substantially greater force than the screws should ever experience during normal use. When the screws tested did eventually break, they all broke between the shank and the thread instead of just below the head. In the rare event of breakage occurring, this allows you to insert another screw alongside without drilling a second hole in the decking plank, thus ensuring a result that looks professional and consistent.
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